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seaside snapshots...
These pictures were taken from our camera (which explains why there aren't any of the actual wedding).  But these should give you a sense of what was going on before and after.  A few notes.....The dog you see is from Sundog Books in Seaside.  It is the absolute sweetest dog in the world and it became tradition for us to stop by each day to say hello to her.....Thanks to Ed and Diann for the Red Sox hats.  Susanne, Emma and Olivia wore them every day to deflect some of that beautiful sunshine!......We saw a concert on the Seaside Lawn featuring a band called The Beggars Guild.  They were excellent and we recommend them.....Apparently Sean likes to beat nine year old girls at checkers.

The following pictures were taken by Aunt Kit and Darcie.  Thank you both so much!