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garage sale feb 20...

We decided to have a garage sale to rid our house of an excessive number of couches, home theatre systems, chairs and one large treadmill.

I'm happy to say that it was an absolute success!  We filled the driveway with stuff and only had to bring two couches and a bed back in when it was over.  We plan on giving these to charity so that we know they are going to good use. [Update:  All the excess went to a home for abused women here in town.  They were extremely thankful for everything.]

We have the usual stories associated with garage sales; people showing up an hour before we "opened", people trying to get great stuff for only fifty cents, and people saying they would be back for sure to get something and then not show up.

But we did experience a first for us.  We had a german shepherd show up out of nowhere.  Although he scared the snot out our client base, he was so sweet.  Eventually, his owner came and got him (which was good for business).