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disney 2008...

As is tradition, we went to Disney for spring break (it was the first week of April this year).   Now that Olivia is older, we are able to really partake in what each park has to offer (minus the rides that scare Daddy).  She understands the Epcot countries and the different continents within the Animal Kingdom.

We really had a nice time.  The resort was awesome and we didn't have to drive for an entire week!  Our days consisted of eating, swimming, more eating and going to the parks.  One of the days we decided to enjoy the resort.  There was so much to do there, it could have been a theme park itself.

The weather was awesome: highs in the 80s and lows in the 60s.  Getting away from the 30s at night was nice.  It was hard to leave.

Below are our pictures.  They are in this order:  Animal Kingdom, Epcot / Hollwood Studios, Magic Kingdom, and then various photos.