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Welcome back everyone!

Thanks for checking in with us after such a delay in updating the site (about 7 months). I'll let the pictures tell most of the story, but some of the highlights of the past few months were:
  • Sophie turned 5 and completed her last year of preschool. She is very ready for kindergarten to start. No more kids stuff.
  • Olivia turned 16 and celebrated in New York City.
  • Olivia is now a licensed driver! We are so proud of her. It is a bit surreal to see her driving herself around town, but it is very exciting (and helpful).
  • Olivia is ready to begin a very challenging course load in her junior year and she has begun SAT prep.
  • Susanne and Sophie made a spring break trip to North Carolina to see Grandmother and others.
  • Olivia got a job helping in the after-school program at her Tae Kwon Do studio. She likes it a lot and enjoys helping the children (schoolwork, etc). It is on summer break at the moment, but she will be back working once school begins.
  • Sophie is in summer camp and loving it. Bathing suits and bare feet all day!
  • Susanne starts a new job in a week or so. Very exciting opportunity for her.
Click her to view some recent pictures (that run through May).  Remember that you can make the slideshow bigger if you click on the picture.

Hope all is well. Take care...